Does she have a new one? Nikola Glumac and Gloria Glumac are best known for their participation in the reality show Temptation Island. Although the two left the loyalty test together, the couple separated a short time later. At Prominent separated Nikola and Gloria met again and got closer. But after participating in the show, both made it clear that a love comeback was out of the question. Now Nikola chatted online about his ex-wife’s relationship status.

In a question and answer session Instagram a curious fan of the reality star wanted to know if he missed Gloria. “She’s living her life and I’m living my life and as far as I know she’s also dating someone and I think she’s taken.”, Nikola then blurted out without further ado. But he also made it clear that he wasn’t 100 percent sure his ex was back in safe hands.

A short time later, the blonde answered in hers Instagram-Story on what her ex-boyfriend said. “I don’t want to get into any lies or assumptions”, she explained. Gloria also made it clear: “I’m super happy, I’m doing so well, my life is relaxed and I can sit back.” She doesn’t want to have a war of roses with Nikola.