Gerard Butler is currently starring on the big screen in the action thriller “Plane”. But with “Kandahar” the next cracker is just around the corner – for which the likeable Scot teamed up with an old acquaintance…

For a long time, many only knew Gerard Butler as Spartiate Leonidas, who became a cult figure with Zack Snyder’s action epic “300” – or as a RomCom counterpart to Katherine Heigl (“The Naked Truth”), Jennifer Aniston (“The Deposit Cop” ) or Jessica Biel (“Kiss The Coach”). Meanwhile, Gerart Butler stands for one thing above all else: a guarantee for solid old-school action. Because this is still more than requested today. In any case, the success proves the Scot right.

It wasn’t until September 2022 that the unfortunately rather mixed “Chase – Nothing stops him” was seen, before he then made up for it with the much more successful “Plane” (in theaters since February 2, 2023) – and of “Kandahar“ the next Butler cracker is just around the corner. Although the action thriller does not yet have a German release date, there is already a first trailer for the film – which fans of Gerard Butler in particular can look forward to…

“Kandahar”: A dream team working together again

The staging of “Kandahar” is none other than Ric Roman Waugh, who not only has a great deal of genre experience, but has also worked with Butler numerous times. Waugh already directed the third adventure of Butler’s Secret Service agent Mike Banning, “Angel Has Fallen”, and also delivered one of the bigger surprises of the 2020 cinema year with “Greenland”, the latter for little money as VOD *)

» “Chase” on Amazon Prime Video*

The disaster film “Greenland”, in which Butler’s character and his family take refuge in a shower of comets, had to make do with a much smaller budget than the competition à la “2012”, “San Andreas” and Co., but scores even higher. all the more with excitement and emotions – which ultimately makes it even better than the Hollywood bombast counterparts! Good prospects for “Kandahar”, in which Butler once again becomes part of a brutal manhunt where life and death are at stake…

What awaits us in “Kandahar”

In “Kandahar,” Butler plays undercover CIA agent Tom Harris, who is stationed in the Middle East when top Secret Service information is suddenly exposed through a leak. In the midst of enemies, the identity of Tom is revealed, who, together with his translator, has only one goal: Afghanistan. But it’s still a long way to the border of no less than 400 miles – and the enemy’s special forces are already hot on their heels.

Also present are Olivia-Mai Barrett of “The Man Who Fell From Earth” fame, Indian superstar Ali Fazal (“Fast & Furious 7”) and Navid Negahban (“Aladdin”). And because two crowd pleasers are always better than one, we also see ‘Vikings’ superstar Travis Fimmel in addition to Butler. When remains to be seen. “Kandahar” hits US theaters on May 26, 2023.

Action hit “Plane” with Gerard Butler is getting a sequel – the title is already perfect

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