Today is a very special day for HealthyMandy. The influencer has had a pretty difficult time in the past few months. In December, she and her partner lost their baby to an autoimmune disease. But the two don’t want to give up. Network awareness is currently trying to get pregnant again with the help of fertility treatment. Today is the big day when the embryo transfer is to take place.

Mandy happily announces in her Instagram-Story that you will have an embryo implanted today. But the 28-year-old also admits that the excitement robbed her of sleep: “The sadness came up again and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I had to get up again and again to catch my breath, luckily I fell asleep at some point.” But the blonde tries to stay positive: “Here you can see again how close sadness and joy can be. I’m looking forward to today – with Rio in my heart.”

The social media personality will probably never forget her son. She visits his grave again and again and even brings him breast milk there. Mandy pumped so much back then that she still has a whole freezer full of it. “Rio loved his milk and that’s why he always gets fresh milk”she explained to her followers.