Kim Gloss (30) treats herself to a mommy makeover! The former DSDS candidate has been a mother of two since mid-July. As with many women, the two pregnancies have left their mark on the influencer’s body. Kim, who used to be addicted to cosmetic treatments, is particularly bothered by the change in her décolleté. In recent months, she has repeatedly indicated that she is considering surgery. Now she’s actually getting serious: Kim has her breasts operated on for the second time!

She reported that in her Instagram-Story. “I already did my breasts in 2015… I’ll do it again. After the second child, they don’t look the same anymore: one hangs somewhere completely different from the other”portrayed Kim. “I don’t feel well. I really want to do this, as soon as possible.”

But what exactly should her boobies look like afterwards? And what exactly is done? “I want it to be as natural as possible again. It will be slightly enlarged. There is no way around it: unfortunately I have to have a tightening – I have a lot of skin after breastfeeding two children.” She will have the procedure carried out by her trusted beauty doctor in Hamburg in May.