Katie Price (44) wants to show what she has? The British reality TV celebrity is currently causing a stir with , love life. After parting ways last year, she and her on-off partner Carl Woods, 34, were recently spotted walking arm in arm together. Then did Katie however, hints that she remains single. Now she is presenting herself sexy on the net – around Carl to annoy?

Via Instagram answers Katie on Monday with a snapshot with her fans, which shows her and her buddy on vacation in Thailand. Even if the trip was a while ago, she apparently still wanted to share the picture with the world – after all, the 44-year-old is showing her summer body and her freshly operated bust size in the picture. She proudly presents her followers with the result of her 16th breast augmentation. also on Carl the post will definitely not go by…

In the photo it seems Katie to feel visibly good – but that is not always the case. “I’m not happy anymore. Just this morning I looked in the mirror and I thought, ‘I’m so ugly.’ Then I thought, ‘You really shouldn’t do anything more with that face'”she was annoyed in the last weekend “The Jeremy Vine Show” about her looks.

Source: celebtap.com