Eric Sindermann (34) gives love a new chance! The reality TV star hasn’t had much luck in his relationships in the past: many of his romances didn’t last long and didn’t end on good terms either. His last relationship with the Take Me Out notoriety Josephine Lehman broke up after just a few weeks as the brunette cheated on him. Now want Eric find the right one among his fans.

In its Instagram-Story the 34-year-old explained: “I always get such nice requests from a lot of ladies here about a date and whether you could meet up. My answer has always been the same so far … namely that I’m not with a Meet a follower for a date.” But now he has changed his mind. He urged his fans: “Just write me why exactly you are the right woman for me.”

Apparently pulls Eric all the stops to finally find happiness in love. Most recently, the former summer house candidate had announced that he would get help from a therapist: “Getting women is not a problem, but keeping them is all the more difficult. We will work on that together.”