What does this snapshot mean? Ben Zucker (40) became a star overnight in 2018 when he accompanied pop singer Helene Fischer (38) on her tour. Despite his sudden fame, the pop star has largely kept his private life out of the public eye. However, in October 2022, it was revealed that Ben had been in a relationship with Suzann Jetzkus for a year before the relationship broke up. Now the musician shared a selfie with Suzann, causing confusion.

“To all moms…we wish you a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day with your loved ones,” wrote the hit star under the snapshot with his ex Instagram. You can see the former lovebirds pressing their heads together and beaming all over their faces. Suzann’s hand lovingly strokes through Ben’s hair.

The fans seem confused by the picture of the two. “That’s not true, is it? Just say you’re back with your ex, Benni? Or is that an older picture,” commented one user, visibly shocked. Another follower wrote: “I hope he just doesn’t get back together with his ex. She didn’t say anything good about Ben.”

Source: celebtap.com