What did Timon Krause (28) do there? The mentalist is dancing week after week across the Let’s Dance floor. However, his participation in the dance show had receded into the background in the past few days. The Berliner is said to have separated from his longtime girlfriend Sarah Fuchs. The two were even said to be engaged. But now everything is over: timons Ex is said to have even kicked him out!

How Picture wants to know that the 28-year-old flew out of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend at the time shortly after Easter – but not alone, but with his dog. But he supposedly doesn’t have to do without the company of a woman: timons Dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (36) should also take care of the four-legged friend.

But Ekat should not only be a good dog sitter. She is said to have an eye too Timon thrown and currently spends a lot of time with him. They have been said to have been living together in a Cologne hotel for two weeks. previously had Timon his exes probably forbidden to visit him during rehearsals or in the studio. Ekat’s relationship with her fiancé reportedly ended at a similar time.

Source: celebtap.com