It can go that fast! Actress Rachel Bilson (41) is best known for her role in the teen series OC California. Recently, however, the American has also made a name for herself with one or the other spicy headline. In March, she caused astonishment by admitting that she only had an orgasm at the age of 38. A few weeks ago, she then chatted about her sexual preferences in a podcast, where she admitted that she likes it a little harder in bed. Now, however, the actress has to face the consequences for her openness, because: Rachel then lost a job!

In your “Broad Ideas”podcast, the American spoke about what happened after her sex talk: “It’s the first time in my professional life that I’ve lost a job this week because I said something. I got my job taken away for being humorously open and honest about sex on our friend’s podcast.” Rachel believes her words were taken out of context to market them as clickbait headlines.

While the brunette beauty didn’t reveal exactly what the job was, she shared, “They said they weren’t comfortable with that headline and if people keep googling they’ll see the other things I did commented, which is orgasms. And I see that as discrimination.” She doesn’t want people to be stigmatized because of a topic as common as this. That’s why she only partly regrets her openness: “If I could turn back time, I might say it differently, but I would still say it.”