What about Julian Zietlow Come on? A few years ago, the Berliner was considered the most successful fitness influencer in Germany. The 38-year-old built a fitness empire with his ex-wife Alina Schulte im Hoff. However, fans haven’t heard from him since the summer of last year, when a dubious picture of the web star surfaced on his account: He’s sitting on his bed meditating, but the objects positioned in front of him point to heavy drug use there. According to his own statement Julian Joined a cult in Thailand that advocates drugs – fans are stunned!

Many have the impression that the businessman has lost his way. After watching two videos Instagram had uploaded in which he was making out with a young woman and fondling her, the internet went nuts. A user blames the family man: “Just distasteful to post something like that publicly while Alina is at home with the kids.” It also upsets the fans bitterly that the couple pictures with their ex can be found right next to it in the feed. Another person notices: “Julian is completely gone, look at his looks.”

The personal trainer was in a relationship with Alina for 18 years. She commented on the shocking recordings and announced that she wanted to spare her children a public mud fight and would therefore not comment further on the scandals. The new one on Julian’s Page describes himself as his spiritual wife and appears to be into hard drugs just like the Rocka founder.

Source: celebtap.com