Now there is certainty. Aaron Carter (✝34) died unexpectedly in November 2022. The musician was found lifeless in his home. After a few days, it was revealed that cans filled with compressed air and prescription pills were found in his home. So far, however, it was still unclear whether this was related to the singer’s death. Now, six months after his death, the cause of death has been determined by Aaron confirmed.

TMZ the autopsy results are available. Aaron is said to have taken prescription pills and inhaled difluoroethane, among other things, before his death. The report said he became incapacitated from the drugs and eventually slipped and drowned in his bathtub.

It was previously said that no water was found in his lungs. So it was assumed that Aaron died from an overdose. But the completed autopsy now classifies the death as an accident. His mother Jane has previously questioned whether her son died of an overdose.