Maya Vander announces happy news! Selling Sunset awareness had had to cope with two serious blows of fate in the past few months: in 2021, the TV star had lost his baby in the 38th week of pregnancy. The pregnancy that followed ended in a miscarriage. But now the beauty and her longtime partner Dave Millers can look forward to good news again: Maya is pregnant again!

How PageSix reports, the real estate agent confirms the earlier statements of an insider. “It’s exciting, but this time too I have more fears and more concerns about the recent circumstances,” reported Maya. She held back on social media because of her breastfeeding, but the pregnancy is quite advanced! The brunette is “nine months pregnant” and expecting a girl any day!

In an interview with Fabulous the beauty revealed her concerns about getting pregnant again a few months ago. “I would love to have another baby, but now I’m terrified of getting pregnant”, she explained at the time. Nevertheless, the desire was very great, as she blurted out: “I have the feeling that something is missing in our family!”