Verena Kerth (41) seems to be going through a difficult time. The presenter got engaged to Marc Terenzi (44) after participating in the jungle camp. But negative headlines and allegations against the singer have probably not caused a particularly romantic mood lately. The joint stay in Mallorca seemed to become a roller coaster of emotions – at one moment there was Zoff, then the lovebirds were spotted kissing again. But it was all a bit too much for TV fame: at an event, she collapsed and had to stop moderating. Now speak Verena about her breakdown!

Last night, the superwoman appeared at an event where she spoke about the collapse on the island: “It’s understandable, isn’t it? If you follow the reporting of the last few days, it’s only human.” You could see how difficult it was for her to perform, reported RTL. She did not appear with her fiancé at her side, but chose a friend to accompany her. “I think you can imagine that it’s a big stress test at the moment,” she says about her current condition. She stopped the interview after a short time.

Her fans are still worried about the blonde. The singer is said to have even become violent towards her. A few days ago, the couple is said to have argued on the terrace of a beach club in Mallorca: Both would have gesticulated wildly, one would have left the table again and again, but had come back. Finally tears were over Verenas Cheeks rolled, which she dried with a handkerchief.