Is this the proof everyone’s been waiting for? Timon Krause (28) swung the dance leg together with Ekaterina Leonova (36) at Let’s Dance weekly. Last Friday, the star professional duo had to leave the show shortly before the final. Recently there have been rumors that the two of them shouldn’t just be hot on the dance floor – the dancer and the mentalist are said to have separated from their partners at the same time. Now Ekat and Timon supposedly caught kissing each other!

photosthe Picture are available, show the former dancing couple quite familiar with each other. They walk arm in arm through the streets of Cologne at night. Another snapshot shows Timon and Ekat looking deep into each other’s eyes on a park bench – apparently about to kiss! But then the hammer: On the banks of the Rhine, the lovebirds cuddle so intimately that it looks as if they are actually sealing their lips together!

During the show, the fans noticed the familiar behavior of the dancing couple again and again. “Ekat just stares Timon on,” noted one user Twitter. Other users probably share this opinion and wrote: “Can anyone tell me that between Ekat and Timon Nothing goes.”