Did the performance of Lord of the Lost spoil the mood among the Germans? Last Saturday the time had finally come and this year’s Eurovision Song Contest took place in Liverpool. The rock band represented Germany with their song “Blood and Glitter” – which finally had to settle for last place at the end of the evening. Did the German viewers fear that after the performance?

How DWDL.de reported that there was a clear development in terms of audience ratings after the performance of the German competitors. As a statistic shows, many Germans were apparently waiting eagerly for the appearance of Lord of the Lost – in vain? After all, the viewing curve clearly shows that numerous spectators switched off after the performance without waiting for the four other performances or even for the points to be awarded. Was the victory for the German audience already off the table at that point?

Instead, the Swedish singer Loreen (39) won again. In 2012 she was able to score the most points with her performance of her song “Euphoria”. However, the majority of ESC fans are not satisfied with this, as from one celebrity flash-Survey shows. Around 61.2 percent of the participants consider the musician’s victory to be undeserved.

Source: celebtap.com