Lisa Mantler (20) no longer makes a secret of it! The TikTok fame announced their engagement in June 2022 and surprised their fans very much. After all, she and her twin sister Lena (20) have always kept their private life under wraps. When Lisa shared pictures from her wedding last week, she caused a lot of excitement again – but who is the man by her side? Lisa finally reveals that!

The influencer and her lover are on their honeymoon in the Maldives, which the beauty regularly posts pictures of Instagram Splits. Some shots show the two enjoying their time together on turquoise beaches. But that’s not the interesting thing about her posts, but that she tagged her partner on it and finally revealed his name: It is the musician Jonas Jay. A look at his profile, which shows, among other things, the wedding pictures with Lisa, provides one hundred percent certainty.

Lena’s twin sister still can’t believe what just happened in her life. “I can’t tell you guys how happy and grateful I am!” she captioned a series of photos of her with her husband in tropical paradise. “I can’t really believe I’m married now and finally on my honeymoon”she added.