This time it really should be forever! After two weddings, sad news circulated in 2018: Bettina (49) and Christian Wulff (63) separated. But the two just can’t let go of each other: About two years ago, the former Federal President and his wife gave each other another chance. Since then, the two seem to be floating on cloud nine again – so much so that Bettina and Christian have now married for the third time!

Across from Picture a friend of the couple is said to have revealed that the relationship was “harmonious and relaxed”. Apparently things are going so well that Bettina and Christian decided to take marriage vows for the third time: Last Saturday, the two are said to have sworn eternal love again in Hanover.

Shortly after their third love comeback, the two beamed again when they appeared together: Together with top politicians like Franziska Giffey, Michael Müller and Monika Grütters took Bettina and Christian took part in the inauguration of the new German Choir Center in the Neukölln district of Berlin.