Aleksandar Petrovic (32) addresses his fans. He and his girlfriend Vanessa Nwattu met at Temptation Island VIP. At that time, the influencer was still in a relationship with Christina Dimitriou (31) – whom he left for Vanessa at the end of the show. The two are now a couple. In recent days, however, rumors have been circulating that the two have split. The reason: The couple rarely appears on social media. After Vanessa had commented on this, Aleks is now speaking up!

“We are in the process of resisting all of this by showing less of ourselves”reveals Aleks in his Instagram-Story. “Due to this mental stress, you have no desire to publish anything great on social media,” he continues. In addition, the everyday life of the couple is very limited because he travels a lot for work, the 32-year-old cites as another reason why the couple rarely shows up together.

“Of course, this hate that lasts for months doesn’t make it any easier. Of course it will take time for this to flatten out for people to see what we’ve been through“, he tells Aleks. Nevertheless, the two would continuously work to make their relationship more stable.