Tammy Slaton is proud of her achievements! In recent years, the American has become famous with the reality show “The Pound Sisters: Our Life with 500 kg”. Since she repeatedly had health problems because of her overweight, the 36-year-old declared her fight against obesity. She has already celebrated some successes and inspired fans with her determination. Well shows tammyhow much weight she has already lost!

On Instagram she proudly shared several selfies highlighting her weight loss. The ten photos show that her face now looks much slimmer. Your followers are enthusiastic about the update and fire tammy further on. “You look better every day! This is what determination looks like” or “Your face is so beautiful and you are so beautiful inside… As you said, you deserve respect! And you will demand it!” Comment their fans.

A reason for Tammies Motivation should probably also be her new happiness in love. She met her partner Caleb in rehab last November, whom she married that same month. Since then, she seems overjoyed. Also her sister amy says: “When she first told me she was dating Caleb, I thought, ‘That’s good. Maybe they can get together and motivate each other in a way that we don’t motivate them as a family could.”

Source: celebtap.com