Cher (76) remembers a heated love story! The singer has been married several times and in a number of relationships. She is currently dating producer Alexander Edwards, who is almost 40 years her junior – they are said to be engaged. There are also some celebrities in her list of ex-lovers, such as Tom Cruise (60). And Cher had a particularly good time with this one!

The “Believe” singer met Tom in 1985 when he was 23 and she was 38. in the show “Watch What Happens Live” she later raved about this wild time. “He wasn’t a Scientologist then. It was pretty hot and intense for a little while. He’s a great guy. The person I knew was a great and lovely guy.”, she admitted to presenter Andy Cohen (54). They still keep in touch and are good friends, even if Cher can’t quite understand his membership in the Church of Scientology.

Apparently, Tom made a big impression on the now 76-year-old: “He was in the top five”, she stressed in reference to their romance. In general, Cher is pretty happy about her ex-boyfriends: “I just had the best lovers of all time, not a long list, but it’s a good list.”