Jasmin Herren (44) is head over heels in love. On April 20, 2021, the party pop singer was found dead in his apartment in Cologne-Mülheim. His sudden passing shocked his family, friends and fans. Especially his wife jasmine took a while to realize that her beloved partner is gone. The singer recently announced that she is dating a new man. Now confirmed jasmine: You and the stranger are a couple!

“I’m in a committed relationship now. […] I won’t show my new partner for the time being because we don’t want to go public together for the time being.”betrayed jasmine on Instagram and made it clear to her followers that she was taken again after Willi’s death. The 44-year-old insisted that she was in love. “I’m doing very well, it’s going uphill steeply,” said the brunette.

After Willis death jasmine needed time to rearrange her life. There had been no talk of a new partner for a long time, she explained Picture. “The feeling of still being married is gone now. I’m cautiously ready to meet a new man”she stated at the time.

Source: celebtap.com