What else did Gwyneth Paltrow (50) want to get rid of? The actress was involved in a skiing accident in 2016. A man named Terry Sanderson claimed in court that the Iron Man actress drove into him and then hit and run. Last night, the verdict was pronounced in favor of the mother of two. Pictures of the process show that Gwyneth nor went to the retired optician and talked to him. What did she say to him?

Terry’s attorney revealed to Extrawhat the blonde wanted to get rid of. Apparently she didn’t blame the 76-year-old for the lawsuit. Then Gwyneth is said to have whispered: “I wish you all the best.” Terry doesn’t seem to have a grudge either. He replied: “Thank you, dear.”

Gwyneth was awarded symbolic damages of one dollar. She had demanded this in her counterclaim: “I’m asking for a dollar for myself and then reimbursement of legal fees, which is another matter.” The Hollywood star nodded to himself when the verdict was read. She is said to have seemed happy.

Source: celebtap.com