When nominated, it really banged! At Prominent Separated, ex-celebrity couples don’t just have to get along. You will also be confronted with unwelcome roommates in the villa. For example, shreds were already flying between Marc-Robin and his nemesis Gloria Glumac. Now the couples had to decide who would have to leave the show. The choice was unanimous Marc Robin and Michelle! But before the decision was made, things escalated between the candidates…

The reason: Marc Robin was sure in advance that the decision had only come about because the couples had discussed it beforehand. That’s actually not allowed. When the former Temptation Island contestant voiced his concerns in front of the group at the nomination, things escalated between him and glory. With “shut up” and “scarecrow” he insulted the Rottenburger, so that his ex Michelle had to curb him.

But even Kate Merlan’s (36) ex Jakub Jarecki (27) could not contain herself. The footballer also rose glory and her husband Nikola Glumac. “You’re just gutters. You took him from the sex holiday in Serbia and put him on a leash.”, he etched against the ex-couple. The behavior was not well received by the fans. “Am I the only one who Jakubs Statement […] very borderline/discriminatory?” asked one viewer Instagram and got a lot of encouragement for it.

Source: celebtap.com