Fernando Alonso (41) is still dealing with rumors of love. A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift (33) is said to have ended her long-term relationship. And the Formula 1 driver has only recently been single again. And in March, the first rumors that the two were dating began to surface. The athlete took the speculation as an opportunity to make fun of it – and also now heats Fernando the rumors are back!

Like the first time shared Fernando a video at tik tok and can get a reference to Taylor don’t hold back. While lifting weights, he plays the song “22” in the background, which the singer released in 2012. Underneath he wrote: “I lift 22s.” That seems to be a clear message for the fans. “And he uses Taylor’s Version! What a good friend,” writes one user enthusiastically. But others also notice that the 41-year-old has “far too much fun” with the rumors.

As Fernando the first time he addressed the rumours, he also had a clip with him tik tok uploaded. Then he sat on an office chair and winked mischievously at the camera. “Race week era”he had written underneath and thus opened Taylor’s ongoing “The Eras Tour” alluded to. Again, the fans had Fernandos humor celebrated.

Source: celebtap.com