Katja Krasavice (26) declares war on social injustice! The rapper is known for her self-determined freedom of movement and rarely minces her words. The blonde recently polarized as a DSDS juror after she missed several digs at pop titan Dieter Bohlen (69) after a sexism scandal. Now Katja proved her big heart again and sat down at a supermarket checkout for a good cause.

Katja served loudly in a Netto branch RTL the customers for a day. The goal: to encourage the many people to donate at the checkout and at the deposit machine, because every cent can make a big difference in the case of child poverty. With her star status, the blonde attracted hundreds of fans who patiently waited at the checkout for an autograph or a photo with the rapper. One thing is clear: the music star has successfully drawn attention to the fundraiser.

Katja herself can sing a song about difficult circumstances in childhood. While the rapper is now in the spotlight, she endured a lot during her childhood. Katja lost her brother at the age of five, her father then became addicted to alcohol and violent towards her mother.

Source: celebtap.com