Alec Baldwin (65) just doesn’t seem to want to calm down! After he accidentally shot camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (✝ 42) on the set of his film in October 2021, the case against the actor was dropped last month. A few days ago he and his wife Hilaria Baldwin (39) appeared on the red carpet for the first time. There is said to have been an incident there…

As opposed to an insider Page Six revealed that a waitress is said to have made an involuntary acquaintance with the 65-year-old. Alec is said to have stood up for a moment and talked, thereby blocking the passage for the employees. “As she walked by, she started putting the plates on the table. I guess that got to him [Alec] didn’t like that she did that while he was standing there.” As a result, the father of the family is said to have “insulted” the service.

representative of Alec and from the event have not yet commented on the rumours. According to the informant, the incident is said to have largely gone unnoticed. Alec’s wife Hilaria is said not to have been present at the time.