Aleksandar Petrovic (32) and Vanessa Nwattu took Mala to Germany! Last week, the couple was in Serbia to say goodbye to a loved one. But this trip was to have an adventure in store for them – they found an abandoned dog in a pile of rubbish and took loving care of it. After a short period of reflection, they decided: the bitch Mala will come with Aleks and vanessa to Germany.

In the InstagramFitness trainer’s story told the Temptation Island VIP couple that they couldn’t locate the original owner. So they decided to register themselves as the owner of the four-legged friend. “In the end, we decided to take her with us and serve as a foster family for now.”explained vanessa and Aleks continued: “It is important for us to take responsibility and help her. That was the original thought.”

Mala will probably not stay with the two of them forever. They want to raise her first and then give her to a real family. “Unfortunately we don’t have enough time in everyday life to do justice to a dog, we travel a lot and it’s important to be honest with yourself.”she wrote sadly in her story.