Alex Gaskarth Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Brother, Family

Alex Gaskarth Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Brother, Family

Bands have been an integral part of American music culture for years. All over America, you will find bars and clubs where one or the other band performs. The garages of many households can attest to the fact that they are the rehearsal room for hundreds of bands all over the country, and many men have risen from the dust of a garage to play in front of hundreds of thousands all over the country and the world. It is a journey that many have taken and are still taking in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Alex Gaskarth is one of the hundreds of men who have embarked on this journey, and so far he is on the right track. Who is Alex Gaskarth? What is his professional history as a musician? Read below to find out.

Alex Gaskarth Biography & Age

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in Alex Gaskarth’s life when he decided to become a musician, but it is a conviction that was born in his youth. Alexander William Gaskarth was born in Essex, England on December 14, 1987. Although he is English by birth, Alex is actually an American from Baltimore, Maryland, who was born through his parents Peter Gaskarth and Isobel Gaskarth from Baltimore, Maryland. Alex spent the first six years of his life in Essex before the family returned to the United States. Not much information is known about his parents, but he grew up with two stepsisters and an older stepbrother. All indications are that he is the only child shared by his biological parents.

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High school is the time when teenagers usually begin to discover themselves and identify with their interests. The case was no different from that of Alex Gaskarth, and although pursuing his interests kept him from going to college, it was the best decision for him so far.

Alex Gaskarth – Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Brother, Family
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It is not unusual for newly formed bands to start as cover groups and cover popular songs for gigs. Some of them grow out of it and make their own music, others don’t. Alex was part of a band that was formed during his time in high school and called Crew Fighters. The band, which lasted for a year, played cover songs.

During his time with Crew Fighters, he met Jack Barakat who recognized his talent and his abilities as a songwriter and encouraged him to form his own band and make his own songs. Alex, who was always ready to get closer to the pot of gold, took the advice and formed a band that included Jack Barakat himself, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson, who left the Crew Fighters with Alex to join the new band.

The new band was called “All Time Low” and was formed in 2003. They signed their first music contract with Emerald Moon Records in 2004 and released their music project, an EP called “The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End”. They did all this in an impressive way already in high school.

Since their debut EP, they have released four more projects, including the album “The Party Scene” and its follow-up “So Wrong, it’s Right”.

All Time Low was signed by Interscope Records in 2011 and subsequently released their fourth studio album. The band released only one album under Interscope before returning to Hopeless Records, which they had left to sign with Interscope. To date, the band has released seven studio albums, all of which are in the Billboard 200 charts. The all-time low success is led by Alex Gaskarth, the band’s main songwriter and lead singer.

In addition to his music, Alex Gaskarth is also a great presenter, having hosted the Alternative Press Music Awards 2015/2016 and being the co-presenter of the podcast Full Frontal.


Alex Gaskarth – Bio, Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Brother, Family
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It is easy to throw away a great relationship under the pressure of fame. The urge to throw people away from the old life is an urge that many celebrities struggle with, but this is not a flaw that Alex has, especially in his love life. The lead singer of All Time Low is married to his wife Lisa Ruocco, with whom he has been dating for over 10 years. The couple got engaged in 2015 and married on April 9, 2016, all indications are that the couple is doing well together.

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Alex Gaskarth – Family, Brother

Not much is known about the biological father of Alex, but we do know that he grew up with a stepbrother and two stepsisters. He lost his stepbrother Tom when he was 12 years old due to alcohol poisoning. As a rock star and as a way to honor his memory, Gaskarth had a rose tattooed on his left hand and wrote a song for him called Lullabies.

Height & Weight

Rock stars are not exactly the kind of people who necessarily have to be well-built, but it helps their popularity if they have a pretty face. Luckily for Alex, he is in good shape. His height is stated as 6 feet and he currently weighs 77 kg.

Net Worth

As the lead singer of one of the country’s top bands, Alex Gaskarth has an estimated value of $1 million. His income comes from his share of the band’s merchandise and the income from shows and album sales.

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