Alex Holland’s body was discovered after three months of missing. A 27-year-old was reported missing in November 2021 from Deal, a coastal town in Kent, England.

The parents of Alex Holland, who was found dead in a ditch a year ago in 2022, claimed it was a “living nightmare”, not knowing what had happened to Alex.

Alex Holland, a 27-year-old was the father of two young girls.

Alex told his parents that he started smoking in November 2021 and his corpse was found in a ditch 12 weeks later.

Alex Holland murder and death case

Alex’s parents have complained to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) about the Kent Police investigation.

Police said comment would be inappropriate for an ongoing case.

He had only one shoe on and his car was a mile and a half away, far from the remote location where his body was found.

In 2022, a judicial inquiry resulted in a public verdict. The autopsy report found no cause of death and the coroner found no potential evidence of violence, third party involvement or signs of suicide.

Mr Holland’s parents lodged a complaint with Kent Police about the investigation, claiming that the search area was inadequate, that CCTV was neglected, that his wallet was never recovered and that false facts of Alex’s description were used in higher profession.

Rachel Holland, Alex Holland’s mother, said: “I told the police it’s my child. It is my child that I have lost. It’s not my phone or my debit card. He’s just a number to you, but he’s my son.”

The victim’s father, Mark Holland, said it was terrible because that was the answer Alex’s family wanted they might never get and it was hard for them to accept.

In a statement, Kent Police said: “Alex Holland’s family have requested that the findings of their complaint to Kent Police be reviewed by the IOPC and it would be inappropriate to comment while the process is ongoing.”

A spokesman for the Independent Office for Police Conduct said they had received a request to review a complaint made to Kent Police regarding their investigation and handling of a 27-year-old missing person case.

According to IOPC, the assessment was assigned to a social worker.

Alex’s death and obituary

After almost a year, in 2023, Alex Holland’s death is still a mystery.

The victim’s family and friends search for reasons why their loved one was killed and why Kent police can’t find any leads, and Alex’s staff have still not been found.

Because this case of missing dead attracted so much attention, his death details remain unknown.