Kim Kardashian (42) has had a hard time. The reality TV celebrity was married to Kanye West, 45, for six years when they split in 2020. But it was only after a two-year legal battle that they were able to agree on joint custody of their four children. The divorce last November is said to have been a great relief for the entrepreneur. In her family show The Kardashians, the mother of four shows her most emotional side: So burdened Kim the divorce from kanye!

In the trailer for the third season of “The Kardashians” she reveals to Khloé Kardashian (38): “I’m not fine” before she bursts into tears and hugs her sister. “We are silent about all the lies for the sake of my children”, she explains in a one-on-one interview. Meanwhile, the other family members seem to be very worried about her. “I do not know how Kim putting up with everything with her ex-husband,” proclaims Kendall Jenner (27).

In the podcast “Angie Martinez IRL” had Kim already reported how difficult co-parenting is for her. She doesn’t want to confront her children with the negativity surrounding their father and the drama between them. “You know, this is really heavy, heavy, grown-up stuff. They’re not ready to handle it yet”she explained.