Dani Alves (39) changed his own statement again. The professional footballer was surprisingly arrested in January. The reason: A woman had accused the FC Barcelona star of sexually harassing her and grabbing her between the legs in a club. The sport initially vehemently denied these allegations. But now he seems to have reconsidered his claim. Dani admits to having had sex with the plaintiff – but allegedly consensual.

As part of his first statement Daniel denied any wrongdoing and even claimed not to know the alleged victim. How TMZ now reported, the accused surprised with a new statement during a hearing on Monday: According to the 39-year-old, there was no attack, but consensual sexual intercourse between him and the woman.

That Daniel subsequently changed his statement again, could be mainly due to the separation from his wife. After the allegations of coercion, he also moved Joana Sanz (29), the wife of the Brazilian international, consequences and filed for divorce. That reported The Sun soon after the allegations became public.

Source: celebtap.com