Nora Tschirner (41) takes a stand. The actress starred in films such as “Keinohrhase” and “Zweiohrküken” alongside screenwriter Til Schweiger (59). Serious allegations have now been made against the director. On the set of his new film “Manta Manta 2”, the 59-year-old is said to have become insulting, sexualizing and even physical towards some crew members. Now expresses itself nora to the allegations against her fellow actors!

in one Instagramvideo, the 41-year-old speaks out about the scandalous allegations and emphasizes that her experiences with Til are positive. “The No-Ear Bunny and Two-Ear Chick sets […] I actually experienced it as exceptionally constructive, collaborative and appreciative”Nora makes clear under the post.

The actress primarily criticizes the German film industry – because according to her it is an absolutely open secret that such conditions prevail on many sets. “Everyone in a high position always has a responsibility to work for change”leads nora further on.