Maritta Krehl reacts. Last year, the model separated from the party hit singer Almklausi (53). Now the blonde wupps her everyday life with her children as a single mom. But has the TV personality had a partner by her side since the love break? In fact, a man named Rafael claimed to have been with for the past few months Maritta together and the reason for the separation of Almklausi to have been. Maritta apparently doesn’t think much of Rafael’s story…

On celebrity flash-Inquiry commented marita’s Management. “Maritta Krehl does not comment on unfounded claims by unknown third parties who are now trying to gain publicity through their reputation. There is really nothing more to say on this subject,” it says. So the mother did not want to respond to Rafael’s spicy statements.

Rafael claimed opposite celebrity flash not only that Maritta should have been with him for a few months, but also that the former The Summer House of the Stars participant drove on two tracks. The two are said to have already bonded when the relationship to Almklausi was on the ground, but not finished yet. Meanwhile, Rafael and Maritta but also separately.