What about Amanda Bynes (36)? The American actress is best known for her film roles in the 2000s. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, she wandered around Los Angeles naked last weekend. The 36-year-old was then admitted to a psychiatric ward. Now Amanda’s ex-fiancé Paul Michael spoke up and said that she had not taken her medication for a long time.

“She went off her meds and she’s still off meds”Paul told in an interview with Page Six. He described her as “very fierce”. Amanda’s ex also shared details of their turbulent breakup, during which Amanda accused him of using drugs. The actress put these alleged lies into the world to distract from herself. “She did it to embarrass me,” he said.

The star’s relapse worries many fans. Because just about a year ago, the eight-year guardianship that Amanda’s parents set up for her was terminated by a judge. At the time, Amanda even spoke of an acting comeback. The child star’s parents have said they would not consider returning to guardianship.

Source: celebtap.com