Your behavior was not well received! Katy Perry (38) sits next to Luke Bryan (46) and Lionel Richie (73) at the jury panel as part of American Idol. The candidate Sara Beth Liebe recently took part in the format and, as many social media users find, was extremely unfair to the judges and especially to her appearance after her performance katy treated. This is probably the opinion of the young woman herself, because: Sara confirms that she felt shown!

Via tik tok describes the 25-year-old: “Before I even sang, I mentioned that I have three children and am a young mother. Katy Perry then made what was supposed to be a joke, which was anything but nice.” It is self-explanatory that the music lover did not feel comfortable, she says. The ‘American Idol’ contestant continued, “I think being a mom is hard enough as it is. Nobody deserves to feel bad about becoming a mom early.”

As part of her audition, Sara sang the song “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse (✝27) and on social media many users thought that her musical performance was quite good. One comment read: “Katy was just so mean to her for no reason. I’m glad she just kept going and her voice is beautiful too!”