It brings tears to the eyes of the stars! Ana (29) and Tim Johnson have been trying to have offspring for a long time. Various health problems repeatedly thwarted the two YouTube stars. But the influencer continued to fight for her dream of a baby. A few weeks ago, Ana decided to have another embryo transfer – with success. Because the beauty is pregnant and the celebrities are over the moon about it!

Under Anas Instagram-Post, with which she announces the great baby news, there are already numerous congratulations from her prominent friends. “I’m so happy for you. I’m in tears. Congratulations”, writes HealthyMandy, for example. Anna Adamyan (26), who is currently expecting a baby herself, is touched in the comment column: “Somehow I have to cry with joy again.” Sarah Harrison (31), Kim Gloss (30) and Andrej Mangold (36) were also very happy for Ana and Tim. “Fingers are crossed so that everything runs smoothly,” left the ex-Bachelor.

A dearest dream is coming true for Ana and Tim – but the couple is currently still enjoying their happiness with caution. Because two years ago they had been standing at exactly the same point. “We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the next few weeks so that our crumbs grow diligently”explained the 29-year-old.