With that, Queen Elizabeth (✝96) set one last big sign! The British regent died in September 2022, leaving behind a great legacy. Shortly before her death, the 96-year-old had caused a stir – because after his numerous scandals, she had withdrawn her son Prince Andrew (63) from his royal offices and the title “His Royal Highness”. And the queen apparently did that not only for herself, but above all for her country!

In the TV show “Inside the House of Windsor” the happenings around the royal family are summarized. A new episode also addresses allegations of sexual abuse against Andrew. It judges the Queen’s decision to strip her son of his title as follows: “A final gesture of self-sacrifice.” The Queen died a good eight months after the action.

Seems like the Queen chose her country and the reputation of the monarchy over her son. According to rumors, the mother of four herself did not find the allegations that bad – at least she was said to have reacted quite dryly. “Interesting,” she is said to have simply said.

Source: celebtap.com