Andy Rothman, a resident of New York City and East Hampton, passed away on Monday, March 20, 2023, after a long battle with cancer.

He is survived by his wife Amanda Ingersoll-Rothman, his dog Willoughby, and his brother Douglas Robertson, as his parents died before he was born.

Born January 20, 1961 at New York Hospital during the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, he spent his early years in Westport, Connecticut, before moving to Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

During his teenage years, he developed a keen interest in sports. His love of sports earned him a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from the University of Chicago, cum laude.

Andy was also passionate about writing and journalism, leading him to a successful career spanning forty years. He worked for CBS News and CNBC, where he won an Emmy and a Gracie award for his work as a producer for the CBS Early Show.

He covered many news and sporting events, including September 11, Hurricane Katrina, ten Super Bowls, and three Olympic Games. He also interviewed legendary athletes such as Joe DiMaggio, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods.

At CNBC, he wrote entrepreneur profiles for How I Made My Millions and Nightly Business Report and provided daily market news for The Exchange and Power Lunch.

Andy’s voracious curiosity and passion for writing and journalism made him a respected figure in the industry. His passing is a significant loss to his family and the journalistic community, and his contributions will always be remembered.

In a fast-paced, competitive, and at times cut-throat career, Andy stood out from others for his steadfast kindness, sincere heart, and dedication to doing the right thing. This helped his rise to the top of the industry.

Andy loved to travel, whether with his friends on challenging ski trips in the West or with his associates in Italy celebrating Ferrari’s 60th anniversary in the Tuscan sun.

Andy has passionately supported the New York Jets, New York Mets and Knicks for the past 25 years. He played softball in Central Park and was a fixture at the Westside Y, where he religiously swam and played basketball for many years.

He also played softball for the Central Park team. After undergoing a heart ablation in 2007, he took up spinning and set a goal to complete seven half marathons in one calendar year. He successfully fulfilled this task.

His network of friends would stay with him throughout his life because his immense, giving heart and inner spirit inspired him to live a morally good life.

He didn’t think anyone else was an accurate spirit guide, only The Boss. In his lifetime, Andy has attended over 35 different Bruce Springsteen concerts.