Anna Adamyan (27) can’t hear it anymore! The former Germany’s next top model candidate has been trying to have a child for a long time. Due to her endometriosis, she was unfortunately unsuccessful for a while. But last December, she and her Sargis (29) announced the good news: Anna is pregnant. Now the influencer is already in the seventh month – and is pissed off at people who judge their bodies!

On Instagram the 27-year-old vents her anger: “How about no one evaluating or comparing the bodies and bellies of others?” Her outrage stems from receiving many comments about her belly being too small for the seventh month. “I’m always amazed at how much others take it upon themselves and how little they think about what they say. It’s just an overreaching fact.”she continues to rant and adds: “I can only appeal again and again to compare yourself less and, above all, to keep what you think to yourself.”

Most recently, the beauty revealed when her baby is expected to see the light of day. She shared a screenshot from the pregnancy app showing the date. The little miracle should therefore be born on August 7th.