Half done! Anna Adamyan (26) suffers from endometriosis. This is not only associated with severe pain in the abdomen, but also makes pregnancy considerably more difficult. In December 2021, the former Germany’s next top model candidate had already suffered her second miscarriage. But the beauty never gave up her desire to have children. In December, she and her husband announced: The model is pregnant again. Now Anna reveals when her baby is due!

In your Instagram-Story shares the beauty screenshots from a pregnancy app. It says the expected date of birth: Anna and Sargis’ (29) little miracle is supposed to see the light of day on August 7th. She’s currently 21 weeks pregnant – so she’s halfway there!

And that is noticeable. Again and again, Anna shares insights into her pregnancy on social media. Just a few days ago, she happily reported: “Oh my God. That was just so nice. I really felt the little one. It’s been two days now that it’s getting more and more and it’s so incredibly nice. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Source: celebtap.com