That’s how much Anna Adamyan (27) paid for her big dream of family happiness! For many years, the former Germany’s next top model candidate and her husband, professional footballer Sargis Adamyan (29), tried to have a child. But even several artificial inseminations did not lead to a pregnancy. At the end of 2021, Anna was treated again in a clinic for her desire to have children. With success: For the first time, the model is expecting children! Now Anna chatted out details about the fertility treatment.

“Currently I pay an average of 350 to 420 euros every three to four weeks for the blood results”revealed the expectant mother in her Instagram-Story. “To be honest, that’s not a little,” she added. In addition, Anna had to bear additional costs for medication. The influencer is aware that not everyone has the financial means for such treatment. “The desire to have children is bad enough either way, at least these worries shouldn’t exist,” she said.

Anna also spoke about the course of the treatment. “The blood was taken at the end of July 2021 and the results were discussed at the end of September 2021. You have to and should expect this time,” explained the 27-year-old. She paused artificial insemination during this time and only dared to try again after talking to the gynecologist.