Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) reveals more details about the end of the relationship with Stefan Mross (47). In November 2022, it surprisingly became known that the folk musician and the pop singer had split up in the limelight after only two years of relationship. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Stefan suffers from an alcohol problem: He is said to have been drunk at events in the morning. Anna Carina confirms the allegations of alcohol addiction now!

“The people around him know that. Our friends and I have been begging him for years to get professional help. He had promised me. I encouraged him because he can’t get rid of alcohol on his own.”she explains Picture. during marriage Stefan however, “kept falling back into old patterns of behavior” – that’s what I did Anna Carina at some point you can’t take it anymore.

The trumpeter completely changes his personality under alcohol, explains his ex: “He’s a completely different person when he’s been drinking. No longer the charming rogue. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to tackle the problems and solve them.” The situation at the end of their marriage Anna Carina very hurt – but she wanted to spend time with me Stefan don’t miss.