New record! With her Let’s Dance participation in 2019, Ella Endlich (38) made history. With her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36), the singer secured the best jury rating of 30 points ten times with her performances, breaking all records. But Anna Ermakova (23) also did a perfect dance performance from week to week and was rewarded by the jury with the highest number of points. In the final show, the model cracked the high score again: So holds now ann the points record!

In the grand finale of the dance show, Boris Becker’s (55) daughter shone in the duo valentine with her three dances. Born in London, she not only received standing ovations from the audience, but also ten points each from Motsi Mabuse (42), Joachim Llambi (58) and Jorge Gonzalez (55). After the second dance it was already clear: If she gets the best rating again, she will surpass her Ellas performance from four years ago. Actually secured himself ann the record holder with her freestyle dance. The red-haired Dancing Queen got full points eleven times on “Let’s Dance”!

“So we have a winner based on jury points. Three times thirty points!” announced Daniel Hartwich (44). ann is the only one who scored 90 points in the final show. “Think ‘let’s dance‘ Trip was incredible. I will never forget this time.“, confessed ann very emotional after her last performance.