Anna Ermakova (23) probably didn’t expect that! In the past few weeks, the model has swept across the floor at Let’s Dance and collected absolute top scores week after week. Together with her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36), the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker (55) fought her way to the final – and won. That she gets such positive feedback on the show would have ann did not think!

In an interview with RTL point 8 the 23-year-old now chats about the show. “In the beginning I was very, very shy. I just didn’t expect that kind of reaction from the audience.”says the beauty. But over time she got more self-confidence: “Dancing in front of an audience and in front of such a jury, with so many nice comments, just made me more confident.” She got the wife of her dance partner valentine helped: “I’m so, so grateful for Renata’s help. She has a heart of gold. We laughed so much. All the cakes, that was such a nice idea.”

Between ann and Renata seems to have developed a great friendship. In conversation with celebrity flash the professional dancer couldn’t stop raving: “Anna is like my little sister. Well, her ann I took it straight to my heart. This is the most empathetic person I have […] know.”