Anna Ermakova (23) leaves Germany! Turbulent months lie behind the daughter of Boris Becker (55): Since February, the model has been dancing week after week to stay with Let’s Dance. And with great success – because last Friday she was named Dancing Star 2023 alongside Valentin Lusin (36). After the hard weeks of training, relaxation is the order of the day for the beauty. Anna is going on vacation!

On the Instagramprofile of the show, the 23-year-old chatted inside out and revealed her plans after the win. “A few days vacation, I need to sleep and just do nothing”, Anna explained. However, the celebrity offspring did not want to reveal where exactly it is going for them. However, she should only want to take a little break: “I’ll be back very soon.”

She was more than enthusiastic about the support in this country. The whole thing helped Anna personally, as she did in the RTL interview “Point 8” revealed: “Dancing in front of an audience and a jury like that, with so many nice comments, just made me feel more confident.”