Anna Maria Damm (26) and Fata Hasanović (28) are getting through this exciting time together! The two Germany’s next top model celebrities are both currently expecting a child. While it is the second baby for Anna Maria, it is the first offspring for Fata. They support each other: Anna Maria and Fata now pose for a photo showing off their tiny baby bumps!

On Instagram Fata shares a picture from vacation where she poses in a bikini next to Anna Maria. Clear balls can already be seen on the models. Fata raves about this: “I’ll tell you, this year we have a real baby boom in our family and circle of friends. Sometimes we are only a month apart… it was always heartwarming to find out who is still pregnant.”

The fact that the influencer is pregnant is a small miracle for her. “I used to think how easy it would be, but I was convinced otherwise. We’re all the happier that it worked.”she also admits in the post.