Open words from Anna-Maria Ferchichi (41). The TV personality has eight children. She has been living in Dubai with her husband, the rapper Bushido (44), and her family for around nine months. She diligently documents her new everyday life on social media and Co.. But she also dedicates herself to more serious topics: Well do Anna Maria public that her daughter Laila was in therapy.

In her podcast “In bed with Anna Maria and anise Ferchichi” the native of Delmenhorst blurted out that it had been found out that Laila was highly sensitive: “I wouldn’t have thought of it in life if I hadn’t talked to a child psychologist, family psychologist about it, we hadn’t done the therapy sessions together…” For example, the ten-year-old doesn’t want anyone to be sad because of her.

Laila is very perfectionist – Anna Maria suspects that she set an example for her: “I don’t have panic attacks or anything like that. I’m also constantly energized, but I definitely don’t want one of my children to be like that.” But the fact that Laila is like this is very difficult for her: “I cried so many times. I cried in the mornings sometimes. I was like, ‘Hey, how do we help this little girl to be more confident when no one ever put her down?'” Now the goal is to cap the perfectionism and pay attention to how she deals with the pressure.