The public is shocked and disgusted upon seeing the viral video. Everyone questions Annie’s parenting style.

The incident also raised concerns about the safety of vaping and its possible consequences.

Donovan’s Twitter profile shows that she is a senior advisor to the impact investing firm The Rise Fund. She has also served as CEO of the Coop Foundation and as a director of the Citi Foundation.

It’s mind boggling to see someone so educated be able to do such a stupid thing.

The video shows Annie Donovan holding a baby and bringing a vape pen close to the baby’s mouth. The baby appears to be inhaling from the vape pen and Donovan can be heard saying, “That’s so funny.”

The video has sparked outrage and concern for the baby’s health and safety. People have also begun to doubt Annie’s ability to handle a baby.

What are the dangers of vaping?

Vaping is a dangerous activity and giving a baby a vape is completely unacceptable. Vaping has been linked to numerous health risks, including lung damage, heart problems and addiction.

In addition, numerous cases of serious lung disease and even death have been linked to vaping. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that vaping can cause significant harm to young people as their lungs are still developing.

Vaping a baby can have serious health consequences. The chemicals in vape juice can be toxic and the nicotine in the vape juice can be addictive. In addition, babies have delicate lungs that are easily damaged by inhalation of smoke or vapor.

Annie Donovan’s decision to vape a baby has raised concerns about the baby’s safety and the potential long-term effects of vaping on the child’s health.

A child should not be around an adult addicted to vaping. Inhalation of such toxic chemicals can seriously affect the respiratory health of a growing baby.