Despite all the circumstances, Emma Heming (44) and Bruce Willis (68) currently have a lot to celebrate! A few weeks ago, the “Pulp Fiction” star’s family announced that the actor was suffering from dementia. Even before the diagnosis, the Hollywood star had been forced to give up his career because of his speech disorder. Since then, the American film star has always been surrounded by his family. For her 14th anniversary, his wife makes Emma now very clear how much they are behind Bruce stands – and tells of a touching surprise!

“Today I’ve been married to the love of my life for 14 years. When I woke up my heart was full, but I kept thinking about another person who was so kind to me yesterday”begins Emma under a photo showing flowers. In the caption below hers Instagram-Post, the actor’s wife reports that she received the bouquet from an acquaintance who gave her Bruce’s place wanted to make a pleasure. “Even though our partners would normally have this event on their screens, they just can’t when their brains change like that,” the 44-year-old writes.

Reported a few days ago Emma already with emotional words in their community – because Bruce had celebrated his 68th birthday. “I have periods of sadness every day. Heartache every day. And today, on his birthday, I really feel it.”the model announced via Instagram honestly to.