And yet another DC series comes to an end. After all, this time it touches on a project that was far from finished. Some fans may have been looking forward to the planned comic adaptation…


Almost weekly reports are made about canceled and canceled DC series and films and you slowly get a glimpse of what the universe planned by the new DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran will look like: very different than before in any case. The duo turns previous plans completely upside down and cancels numerous projects. The goal: “To make DC as great as it can be and as it should be,” said Gunn.

And of course this also includes stopping projects that are not yet finished and/or no longer fit into the current plan. In 2019, “Star Trek” and “Star Wars 9” director JJ Abrams and his production company Bad Robot signed a five-year deal with Warner and initial plans were soon announced.

Among other things, Abrams should also make a series adaptation of the DC comic series’Justice League Darkfor HBO Max. But nothing comes of that. The development has now been halted, reports the trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

How far Abrams worked on Justice League Dark is unknown. What is certain is that another Bad Robot project for HBO Max has now been greenlit. The 1970s crime drama series Duster, which will tell the story of America’s first black police officer, is now in production.

What exactly is the “Justice League Dark”?

Should there be a case that is too crazy, too magical or too wacky for the Justice League, it will end up on the table in the Justice League Dark. The heroes and heroines of the community are much more unusual and have particularly mystical and occult abilities. Of course, there are some well-known members of the League: for example, there are the detective and magician John Constantine, the fortune teller Madame Xanadu, the ghost Deadman, the magician Zatanna and the creature Swamp Thing.

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Incidentally, Abrams’ “Justice League Dark” series is not the only “Dark” project that has not been continued. In the past, Guillermo del Toro (“Pinocchio”), among others, should make a dark movie “Justice League” and also the series “Swamp Thing” on the American streaming service DC Universe should make a “Justice League Dark” Spin-off were made – apparently nothing came of it either.

Who knows, Gunn and Safran might save Justice League Dark for future projects, as their new DC plans span at least eight to 10 years. And one of the first projects announced is a Swamp Thing movie…

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